LoRa Fiberglass Antenna Kit with base; 860-930MHz-3dBi-360mm; RFELA-1/389

Fibreglass LoRa antenna with a gain of 3dBi, frequency range 860-930MHz, and 360mm length, comes with an antenna base, compatible with SenseCAP M1 Indoor Gateway.


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LoRa Fiberglass Antenna Kit with base; 860-930MHz-3dBi-360mm; RFELA-1/389

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  • Average gain dBi: 3dBi 
  • Frequency range: 860-930MHz
  • Length: 360mm
  • Robust enough to tolerate outdoor environment and water-proof 
  • Compatible with SenseCAP M1 Indoor Gateway
  • Comes with an antenna base (no magnetic)

For some applications like in an urban environment or where large stretches of land have to be monitored the normal range of LoRa might not be enough. If you need to increase the range for your LoRa devices, then this outdoor LoRa Fiberglass antenna will be the ideal addition to your LoRa system. It’s a robust solution to provide extra power and range for outdoor LoRa Base stations. The antenna has an average gain of 3dBi, a length of 360mm, and a frequency range from 902-928MHz. It comes with an antenna base as well.

 The Antenna has an N-type male connector, and it comes with an N-type Female to RP-SMA male base so it can be easily connected to the SenseCAP M1 Gateways, which has an RP-SMA female connector.

Antenna Guide

This guide shows you the principle of antenna gain and what kinds of antenna you might need, introduced by SenseCAP MX.