SenseCAP M1 SD Card Replacement Kit

The kit comes with a screwdriver, a MicroSD card reader, a 64GB MicroSD card, and an instruction about how to replace the MicroSD.



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SenseCAP M1 SD Card Replacement Kit

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SenseCAP M1 MicroSD kit is for upgrading or replacing MicroSD card within the SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

The kit comes with a 64GB MicroSD card with burned SenseCAP M1 Image,  a screwdriver, and a MicroSD card reader. Users could easily replace their SenseCAP MicroSD card using SenseCAP M1 MicroSD kits.

Since every device has a unique “config.json” configuration file, you will need to copy the “config.json” from the original MicroSD in SenseCAP M1 to the new MicroSD before you could replace it. 

If you could not get the  “config.json”, please create a tech support ticket to require for the file on Official SenseCAP MX Community on Discord ( You will need to provide a picture of your device label to prove the ownership.

SenseCAP M1 MicroSD Card Replacement Step

1. Power off SenseCAP M1 and remove the antenna.

2. Use the screwdriver to loosen the two screws in the front panel and remove the panel.

3. Remove the yellow sticker on the top of the original MicroSD and pull out the MicroSD card.

4. Plug the original MicroSD card into the card reader and connect to a computer. Open the “resin-boot” dist and copy a file named “config.json” and save it to your computer.

5. Plug the new MicroSD card into the card reader, open the “resin-boot” dist and drag the “config.json” file you saved from the original MicroSD card into the disk and click “Replace”. 

Note: Every device has a different “config.json” configuration file, please do not share your file with others, and do not use files from other devices.

Please visit for more instructions or contact tech support on Official SenseCAP MX Community on Discord ( if you need further support.